What is Thunderbolt 4 Port

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Thunderbolt 4 is an upgraded cable connection interface from Intel capable of powering your devices, transferring data, and displaying a video source to an external monitor all at once — all with just one port. … When it comes to speed, Thunderbolt 4 ports have a 40Gbps bidirectional bandwidth.

Thunderbolt 4 is very flexible when it comes to compatibility, it includes plenty of connections. Plenty of Connections includes DisplayPort, PCIe, and USB 4. It is Backward compatible with previous versions of Thunderbolt which connects via USB Type-C.

Now When it comes to Speed, Thunderbolt 4 ports have a huge 40Gbps Bidirectional bandwidth. Thunderbolt 3 delivers the same speeds, which allows data to be moved to and from external drives at high speeds and up to five Thunderbolt devices to be connected. Meanwhile, Thunderbolt 4 stands out by increasing thunderbolt 3’s minimum PCIe Data requirements from 16 to 32 Gbps. This means now there is more room for higher transfer rates and better performance.

Source:- Intel


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